LANCÉ EN : 2005
TIRAGE : 75 000
AUDIENCE : 258 000
CIBLE : Men and Women between 20 and 50 years old
PRIX : 7,00€

Since 2005, L’Officiel Voyage has reached a key position in the market of luxury travel magazines. L’Officiel Voyage reveals a contemporary art of travelling and presents a selection of unique personalities who embody a new form of luxury, with a focus on hidden gems, new locations and mythical destinations.

To wander alone in a museum after closing time…
To savour a freshly caught fish on a beach in the Indian Ocean…
To sip a cup of tea with Bedouins in the desert…
To sleep in the royal suite of the most beautiful island in the Maldives, in a lighthouse at the end of the world or in a tent in the middle of the Mongolian desert…
There are many ways of living luxury.

L’Officiel Voyage is forever seeking and discovering exceptional destinations, to present or re-present them from a different perspective.