Jalounet is the result of a joint venture between Les Éditions Jalou and MenInvest, the leading French player on the digital e-commerce and e-publishing market, aiming to establish Les Éditions Jalou’s powerful brands online. Jalounet commercializes media space, special operations and brand communication through a new digital solution: “L’Officiel New Talents”



“The press and blogs are not two distinct and opposite worlds: both are made of new talents who are keen to share their passion for and expertise on lifestyle.”

L’Officiel New Talents is a digital label dedicated to fashion featuring talent from the web who have been handpicked by Les Éditions Jalou. It brings together acclaimed personalities from the fashion blogosphere, working alongside Les Éditions Jalou’s online brands to form consistent digital plans. We aim to help make communications between brands and bloggers more simple and efficient.

Whether dealing with space buying or any other creative form of co-branding and special operations, Jalounet offers fashion and luxury brands a true alternative to engage more effectively with millions of online readers.